Before you get a new roof, know the basics!



The cover structure protects the house from the destructive effects of nature. Many localities call this component a roofing layer made of materials such as Asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, roof tiles, metal roofing, corrugated iron, solar tiles, cement, and glass.

A. Tiles Roof

This is an in the style of the house used by the classic style. The awning has the outstanding advantage of the simplicity of matter. Applying a truss system, soap improves efficiency and construction time.

B. Glass Roof

A glass roof is a line of modern building materials that have only appeared recently. The outstanding advantage of the material line is the impressive luxurious beauty. The transparent glass layer has the effect of taking light and expanding the space effectively.

C. The Suntuf Roof

The transparent plastic roof belongs to the generation of smart and modern materials in the field of housing design. Plastic roofs are widely used in many projects thanks to good electrical and thermal insulation advantages.

Roof Design Principles

The roof design phase is carried out after the “skeleton” of the house has been completed. To be solid and secure and with drainage technology, the family should apply the following house arrangement rules:



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