Best Web Developers in LA

It is essential to have a website tagged along with a company. Websites are used as marketing strategies to reach a broader audience, which a company needs to gain customers and popularity quickly. For instance, Los Angeles, California, is a place where many companies are headquartered. These companies generally have a solid grasp of reaching and satisfying their audience with unique, complex, but simple website designs. While these companies are successful enough to have their own web design and development team, many experienced and new companies often hire services solely focused on web design and development to build or improve their business website.

Summary of LA’s Best Web Development Services

The Manifest and Clutch are where the list of companies was gathered from, the top-ranked web developer companies out of hundreds. Most of the information presented is gathered from the individual web development company websites like Rootstrap, Expedition Co., and Urban Insight that is highly ranked. The presented companies are award-winning companies with the highest ratings in Los Angeles, California, providing websites and app development for businesses for well-known clients.

What are Web Development Services?

These web design and development companies typically provide multiple services focused on the development and implementation of websites. Areas reputable web design companies focus on include:

  • Communicate effectively with the end goal and helping online presence.

The list ahead describes LA’s best web development services during May of 2021 is gathered from The Manifest and Clutch.

Company #1: Rootstrap

Rootstrap is an award-winning company ranked as number two in “The Top 100 Web Development Companies in Los Angeles” by The Manifest. According to The Manifest, Rootstrap was first established in 2011 as a small company based in Los Angeles and has since grown to now have locations in New York, Uruguay, and Argentina. They have nearly 250 totaled employees globally, with their CEO, David Jarrett, in their Los Angeles office. Their website’s “Services” section describes what exact services they offer to their clients, such as web development, mobile development, product strategy, and more. Their company is mainly known for mobile app and web development. Under each section describing the specific services, they offer lists the programming languages they use for each service. According to the mobile development section, “We’ve helped everyone from first-time founders to multinational corporations stay lean and build agile.”

Rootstrap’s award-winning designs can be viewed in the section of their website labeled “Our Work.” As mentioned before, Rootstrap is known in the city of LA for Mobile App Development, and most of their award-winning designs feature that, such as the E-Learning website and app, MasterClass; The healthy food planning app, Genres; The coaching app designed for Tony Robbins, Breakthrough; and many more. The Manifest mentions that Rootstap has also had other major clients such as Spotify, Epson, and Style MD. At the bottom of Rootstrap’s “Our Work” section, they also have quotes from their notable clients about the work that they have done for their company. A notable client of theirs named Tony Robbins described their work as, “ Truly spectacular… I’m impressed with not only the design but the development that went into this. The approach and guidance have been phenomenal.”.

Company #2: Expedition Co.

Expedition Co is the first company listed on the Clutch website for the best web development companies of May 2021. The description of Expedition Co. that Clutch offers mentions that the company was recently founded in 2017 but quickly skyrocketed to one of LA’s top web development companies. Entering their company website, anyone would notice the beautiful enter loading animation and website’s overall design. The simple but abstract layout, color scheme, and satisfying transitions in their website are strong enough to attract viewers to learn about the company. After navigating to their “About” section, the website viewer may scroll down to see the list of their employees and services offered. The services are somewhat the same as Rootstraps’s, with their primary focus being web development and mobile app development, along with others like software development, corporate web design, and more. Since Expedition Co. is only based in LA, they have a small but sophisticated team with 12 employees.

The same section of the website also has a part showcasing the reviews of their services from clients. The company’s reviews are impressive, with all being 4.5–5 stars. For example, one reviewer of a surgical instruments company described their services as “Expedition Co. delivered an impressive product that various stakeholders praised for its flawless performance and usefulness as a sales tool.” Expedition Co. also has an impressive project showcase on its homepage featuring notable clients such as Hyundai, Staples center, Beatstoc, Lexus, and more. These project services include Web development, Mobile app development, and responsive web development. Like Rootstrap, Expedition Co. is an award-winning company, with an award in 2019 for “Top Software Developers” awarded by UpCity.

Company #3: Urban Insight

Another company on The Manifest’s list is Urban Insight, which ranks as number three. Urban Insight is one of the oldest companies on this list. According to The Manifest’s brief description of the company, they mention how it was founded and established in 2000. The longevity of this company has proved to stay strong because of its successful presence in the web development services industry of LA. The website for their company follows a light color scheme throughout the website with sections similar to the other companies with an about us (about the company), What we do (detailed description of services), and Work (previous notable projects) sections. Unlike the other two companies mentioned previously, Urban Insight has an additional section dedicated to articles relating to web development that the company employees publish. The company’s team is listed in the “about us” section and consists of front-end and full-stacked web developers, marketing and project managers, and web engineers.

The services description of Urban Insight is detailed and impressive. They label the steps to their services as strategy, design, implement, launch, and operations. These steps go through details of how they will guide the project in the right direction (strategy) by designing the website (design) and putting it into action with the web developers (implement). Urban Insight also guarantees that they will provide a free month of operations after the launch of the client’s website to make sure that everything is going as planned and great. Their web development projects have shown these steps and guarantees with notable clients such as California Arts Council, Cunningham Group architects, the Japanese American National Museum, and many more. Overall, Urban Insight is heavily focused on the customer service aspect of their projects, and it shows in their Clutch reviews, with nearly all being 5-star ratings. In the Co-founder of Hype’s review, he describes Urban Insight as “They were on time, they were efficient, and they walked us through every phase of the project.”.

Finding Companies and what to look for

While it is interesting and informative to see the top web development companies in Los Angeles, it may not help a new business find a company to hire to develop their website. This is because they may not be in the Los Angeles area, and while top-of-the-line companies are awesome, they are very pricey and may not fit the budget of a new business. So if not these companies, then what companies should a business look for?

One of the most important steps to finding a web development company is knowing your project before finding someone to make it for you. Web developers and SEO experts need to know the idea of the website before they could make it. While they are masters of making websites, the first initial step will be to give them the website’s plan. Things to plan for when starting a website design and layout project should include the target audience, the purpose of the website, and, most importantly, the budget. Budget matters the most in project planning because it is the main factor in picking which web development company works best at the lowest cost. For more help on estimating project costs, websites like Visualwebz help people plan for that.

Why These Companies Matter

Although many successful and experienced businesses can have their own web development team, nothing will be as unique as a Web development service company. Web development companies may offer diverse and unique options to business websites that cannot be achieved with a causal web development team. They are also a huge and helpful option to businesses that are first starting. They may not know much about web development and may not have their own team to design a great website. The Manifest words this perfectly before listing their top companies, “While creating the perfect website can seem like an impossible task, there is an abundance of firms that specialize in web development to make it easier.”

LA Web development companies also give people opportunities to pursue web development as a career, work for these companies, or even start their own. As technology grows and competition in business rises, it is necessary to have a website paired with a company, and many website development companies can help people achieve this.