How to Build A Successful Business through Data Sciences & Web Professionals

What is Data Analytics?

  • Descriptive analytics is the “what” process where information or data is looked at over time.
  • Diagnostic analytics is the “why” of the process, where influential information is found.
  • Predictive analytics is future data being predicted by looking at current patterns.
  • Prescriptive analytics, which is where decisions are made following outside factors. An example of this is having an audience attend a particular gathering; thus, we will need more chairs, food, etc.

What is Web Development?

  • The first type is frontend web development, where code such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is used for what is seen. These kinds of coding include everything you see, such as text and images, hence frontend or surface.
  • Backend web development is, as the name suggests, what happens behind the scenes. Data is sent back and forth in obedience to how the user interacts with the website. Customers enter data, then a request is sent to the server, and data is sent back-translated for you to see.
  • The last type of process is full-stack web development, a combination of both the front end and back end. In simpler terms, the front end codes visuals and design of a web page. The back end handles data management and storage. Full-stack web developers will do both.

What role do they play in business?

What kind of disadvantages are there for businesses without an analyst or developer?


How can data help small businesses and their websites?

What types of data are available for web services?

Diagnostic Data

Predictive Data





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Seattle Web Design

Seattle Web Design

Seattle Web Design Agency

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