How to Grab a Reader’s Attention?

What can you do to get more views/visits?

What is Clickbait?

What to include in a TITLE

  • Probably an essential part about the title is it must relate to the content. You can’t have a misleading title.
  • The title must be attractive. For example, if I am talking about the best websites to buy computer parts from, the title should be more than “10 best websites to buy computer parts.” Try to be engaging with the viewer, make them think, ask a question, trigger an emotion. Try making your title spark conversation or controversy.
  • When making a title, please don’t make it too long. This will make the reader bored or disengaged. Be as direct as possible don’t wander around and make your point not clear.


Small Print

Takeaway on Attention-Grabbing Titles




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Seattle Web Design

Seattle Web Design

Seattle Web Design Agency

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