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3 min readJun 13, 2022


Marketing is the action usually for a business to promote and sell products or services. This would include researching the business’ target audience and advertising. All companies want to advertise to people for the possibility of gathering more information and having them come as a customer for whatever product or service the business provides. In this case, it would be dentists getting a website built and promoting and advertising to people about their dental practices, proficiency, and professionalism.

Marketing strategies

There are many types of marketing strategies that would increase the likelihood of obtaining new customers. These strategies include knowing who buys their products or services, researching their competitors, creating a motivating advertisement to lead people to their product, and measuring the effectiveness of these strategies. There is social media marketing where the company advertises on social media platforms. This is effective because many people use social media and are highly likely to see such advertisements. There is also email marketing, where the company would send a promotional message through emails. Inbound marketing is an approach to creating valuable content that works for the needs of the target audience, such as a blog post. There is content marketing which sort of overlaps with inbound marketing, except it is more specific than inbound marketing. There is digital marketing that encompasses any online marketing, including SEO and social media. Public relations to make customers happy.

Where they promote/advertise

Dentists, like many others, promote themselves wherever they can, including on social media, television, web advertisements, etc. Although, I haven’t seen any advertisements for dentists. This is possible since most advertisements are targeted toward certain people. And I will probably only get dentist advertisements for a while after this blog is finished. Moving on, customers usually would use a quick Google search to find the nearest dentist. And according to Dental Marketo’s blog that 85% of people trust online reviews equally to their close friends and family. Thus, online reviews can significantly encourage more people to become customers.

What is advertised?

Every advertisement has a usual theme or message to be conveyed. This is used to try and hook the viewer. Most vehicle brand advertisements usually say the car’s awards or fuel-efficiency. The usual message that dentists market to the public is that they want you to smile and show that you have perfectly aligned white teeth and that they can provide you with those perfect shining white teeth. They also usually indicate that the dentists there are professional and trustworthy. You will most likely see someone smiling in the advertisement. This is expected at this point. The ad might include a customer’s verbal review or a dentist’s speech. Thus, increasing the trustworthiness of the dentists in the advertisement.

How much is spent on marketing per dental care center

Dental Marketo Blog says dental care centers should spend between 7 and 10 percent of their annual revenue on advertising and promotional content. About $1000 to $15,000 a month is spent on Google advertising. $1000 per month should go to Search Engine Optimization. Between 15 and 25 percent of the digital marketing budget should be social media marketing. This makes sense because advertising nets most customers compared to people naturally finding a business on their own, so a decent chunk of the revenue should be getting more customers.

Example Advertisements



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