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5 min readMar 13, 2021

A “Web Developer” is generally thought of as a programmer specializing in the development of websites, whereas digital marketers take care of the SEO and help to market the website. Overall, Tacoma, WA local web developers and marketers also cross paths. Most Tacoma website developers take care of the whole website development process from start to end!

Hire a Tacoma, WA Professionals

Many amateur web developers don’t have formal education/training hence deliver unprofessional websites. Also, do not build them the right way. On the other hand, qualified Tacoma web designers, developers are quite the opposite. They can be proficient and knowledgeable in multiple programming languages and have an extensive breadth of up-to-date technological expertise.

Prior to hiring, its always a good idea to check what formal training as well as skills developers have.

Hiring someone that’s just learned in their spare compared to certified developers will give you the best possible results.

Things to look for when hiring Local Tacoma web developers

Take the time to know what skills potential developers have, for example:

WordPress Development

Know if the developer is proficient with this.

One of the most accessible widespread formats to use. Quick and straightforward, so it makes an excellent choice for a first website. Once your website is created, you can make changes as you need them. The setup is intuitive, so even those not familiar with web design can use it. Updating your website shouldn’t be stressful. By taking advantage of the format WordPress provides, the process is more streamlined for you. Are you worried that your website won’t look professional? WordPress is still a very commonly used site format. With a vast library of design options, your website will still look modern and professional. While fewer features may be available, this is still a great option. Most small businesses won’t need to incorporate as many features, so a more straightforward approach is better.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s always a good idea to know that your Tacoma web developer knows how to optimize and rank your website. Gone are the days where web developers just built a site and were done.

Once you have the design locked down, it’s time to put your website online. When a small business is starting, many people may be unaware of its existence. Search engine optimization helps your company appear when searched online. Content is embedded with terms that people are likely to search for. By doing this, the chances of someone having your website appear in their search results increases. With Google searches being more prevalent than ever, this process is vital to your company’s success. It always makes sense to hire a certified Tacoma SEO expert.


Another service that may be of use to a newly formed Tacoma small business is copywriting. While the visual appearance of your site is significant, it is only one aspect. When a client is visiting your website, they are looking to learn more about your company. For this to be effective, the information or content needs to be well written. Copywriting takes care of that. Writers can take your ideas and create content that matches your company. Solid, persuasive writing will also work to increase the appeal of your Tacoma company. This makes the process even more streamlined for you.

Custom Website Development

Custom Website Development is a method where uniqueness is the key. The main benefit of custom development is that websites are created from scratch and are fully optimized and designed to customer’s specifications. Though being more expensive, they are found to provide higher ROI than cookie-cutter websites. Also, having s custom website design provides a competitive advantage over competitors. We cannot emphasize enough that a detailed study about the particular business needs is significant before starting a website or web development project.

Website Developer vs. Web Designer

There are plenty of misconceptions the general public has about web developers. A misconception people have is to confuse Web Developers with Web Design/Designers. For example, terms that get mixed up. Significant differences do set each of them apart. These being:

Website developer

Tacoma website developers can deliver back-end development. For example, every time you click a link or type a URL into your browser, a request for that content is made to a server. As with most processes, there’s a little bit more going on behind the scenes. When your browser makes a request, it uses a URL or uniform resource locator to locate the requested content. This request is usually passed on to a domain name server or DNS. The DNS then translates the URL into an IP address. The browser then uses this IP address to locate the host’s server and send a request for the content. Based on the type of files requested, several things take place next. If the request is a simple HTML page, the HTML text is sent to the browser, rendered, and presented to the user.

Dynamic sites, which are sites, require further processing or business logic to execute before the content is delivered. Dynamic site pages must first be processed by a web application, such as PHP and .NET, and require website developers to create such actions.

Tacoma Website designer

The term web design describes the front-end website design. Different areas of web design include graphic web design: interface design, and authoring. Also, search engine optimization and online marketing may be part of what a website designer may do.

Front-end developers work with languages that render in the browser, which is also called a client. So front-end developers work primarily with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are known as front-end technologies because it represents what’s in front of the user as they interact with a website.

Some sites require a particular server because certain content must be customized for each user based on their data. The big challenge, in this case, is to make sure that a website functions and are displayed virtually the same way on all browsers.

Full Stack Tacoma Website Developer

As a full-stack website development agency, we work with all layers of web development. For example, a machine that runs specialized software sends content to your browser when you access a website. Now, these machines are called servers, and they serve information. For a basic setup, this is as simple as sending the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files that a user is requesting. But for complex processing, server-side scripting is needed, like retrieving the price of a product.