The Future of Online Learning?

Benefits of online learning

Why Negative effects of online learning

“When we have in-person interactions, there are a number of non-verbal cues our brains process. These cues include tone and pitch of voice, facial expressions, eye contact, and body language. When it’s difficult or impossible to pick-up on these cues, our brain must work harder to interpret the information that it’s receiving. On its own, this can cause extra mental fatigue.” — High focus Centers

Will online learning be accessible to everyone, and will it be the future?

Do more students prefer online learning?

Have students been failing more since the transition?

Online teaching, as delivered during the pandemic, is obviously not as good as face-to-face teaching. Any type of innovation in methodology was rejected, and with students and teachers typically lacking in equipment and training.”

“We are faced with a common problem: that technology is magic and will automatically improve results by itself, simply by doing the same thing as before. If we really want to develop online teaching, using computers to actually replace classrooms, rather than a mere substitute at times of crisis, we will have to go about things very differently. Do students hate online classes? Yes, when what they are being taught is not adapted properly, and is instead merely a reproduction of the classroom and involves listening to a person talking to a camera for an hour. Under these conditions, learning is not just hard work, so is staying awake. That said, not all children hate it: for some, it works very well.” — Forbes

Taking virtual classes enables students to stay at home and learn with comfort while avoiding wear-and-tear on vehicles and local roads. In addition, students can avoid the need to drive cars or take public transits to the place of study, which can help reduce fossil fuel use and lessen detrimental effects on the environment. By eliminating the need for daily commutes, we, students, can reduce our carbon footprints and minimize our impacts on the Earth. Furthermore, we can also save money on gas. A study by the University of West Georgia indicated that for every 100 students who did not commute to school, CO2 emissions were cut by 5–10 tons per semester.”

Takeaway on the future of online learning



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