Why You Should Not Copy Content from websites

The impact of duplicate content on websites

Duplicate content is when someone copies another person’s work and publishes it online or prints it without any credit or request to publish. This can be anything from ideas/ thoughts to a whole website or information. Duplicate content appears on the internet in different locations, meaning the same information is on many websites.

Since the content is duplicated, finding the legitimate version and hurting the web page ranking can be likely.


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Duplicate Content

Why Duplicate Content is Bad

How much content is duplicated on the web?

Copied content up to that year ranged from 25–30%.

Though this number might not be so large compared to how much content and websites are active, this means that approximately 300,000,000 of the websites have duplicated content!

What causes duplicate content?

Session IDs can also be a cause for duplicate content. Many websites use sessions to store information about what users do. This information is most commonly stored as cookies. Since the search engines do not keep them, systems fall back to using Session IDs in the URL. This means that every internal link on the website gets that Session ID added to its URL and creates a new URL, and therefore duplicate content is generated.

Lastly, Scrappers can also be a massive thing of why duplicate content happens. There are times where other websites may use some of your content without consent. This can result in the copied content being ranked higher and beating the original web page or website.

When is Duplicate Content Non-harmful?

When is Duplicate Content harmful?

Another reason why duplicate content is terrible can be when people do it on purpose. This is called search spam, and people need to be aware of this.

Lastly, a reason why it is terrible is that it can lower your ranking. Having multiple pages with the same information will cause their ranking to be lower. Since some will be clicked more, they will be more relevant, making them more credible.

Consequences of duplicate content

Ways to stop plagiarism

Understanding plagiarism/ duplicate content allows people to be alert and know it not the right thing to copy.

Additionally, it is recommended for people to add self-referential rel=canonical links to their existing pages. By doing this, content creators can add extra protection to their content.

What top SEO experts recommend about duplicate content.

Benefits of unique content

Though it can be scary to create content that has yet made it to the web, it is a big step toward making a business visible. There is not a right or wrong way to do this. However, since you are the expert, you more than anyone should know what is correct and what is not.

When starting, it is essential to make it engaging. Remember, content is crucial for online exposure, and putting yourself in the viewers’ shoes is what you should be aiming for.